Groups unite to protest Bellway plans

Mirfield is gearing up for a major march this Sunday as campaigners prepare to give a controversial planning application the thumbs-down.

Hundreds are expected to take part in a march through the town to protest against plans for 135 homes in Balderstone Fields, which were submitted to Kirklees Council last month.

Head of the Save Mirfield protest group Cheryl Tyler said: “We want the people of Mirfield to be aware of the challenge that the town faces in fighting developers who are seeking to infill all the green spaces in the town.”

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Save Mirfield have teamed up with fellow protest groups Project Mirfield and Lady Heton Action Group to lead the march, and Cheryl believes the groups working together will help get a sizeable turnout.

“It is very important we work together,” she said. “Save Mirfield supports small groups and we all feel the same on planning applications such as this.

“It is important to say that we are not anti-development, but Mirfield’s infrastructure is stretched to breaking point.

“Mirfield is largely a commuter town, so the roads cannot support anymore traffic, and try getting an appointment at the doctor’s – you would probably be waiting a while.

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“The response we have got when talking to the public about this was very positive – they seem to understand the issues that many people in Mirfield are facing.”

The march will meet at the crossroads of Taylor Hall Lane and Leeds Road at 2pm.

The march will then go on to the footpath to Taylor Hall Lane, before turning onto Old Bank Road. It will continue down Jenny Lane and finish at Gilder Hall Fields at 2.30pm.