My First Car: Theakston's boss says Mini van was his first love

He adores his Volvo XC90He adores his Volvo XC90
He adores his Volvo XC90
Brewery boss Simon Theakston’s first drove a mini-van which had been owned by a brewery that Theakston’s took over.

“My first car, shared with my brother, was an Austin mini-van UHH 714J,” he said.

“It was previously owned by the Carlisle State Brewery, a company that Theakston’s took over in 1974. It was painted in the Carlisle Brewery livery of blue and cream. It featured a small roof vent and sliding windows. It was our pride and joy and gave us our first taste of freedom. I seem to recall we installed an eight-track stereo system to enjoy our favourite sounds of the seventies as we sped along!”

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Mr Theakston, executive director of T&R Theakston, in Masham, said of driving: “I used to drive a lot more than I do now. The advent of Teams and Zoom has allowed me to cut down on mileage. I have always enjoyed driving.”

Similar to Simon Theakston's first vehicleSimilar to Simon Theakston's first vehicle
Similar to Simon Theakston's first vehicle

His best car? “Probably the Mk 4 Triumph Spitfire that I bought shortly before our wedding in 1980. My wife and I drove to Platja d’Aro, near Barcelona, and back on our honeymoon, an adventure we shall never forget. It was a soft top with a rev counter, it was so cool! More recently I have had a succession of XC90 Volvos which get better with each new version.”

He has an XC90 now. “I would of course consider an EV. The challenge we have is that there are no charging facilities near where I live or work.”

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