Spitfire on display at vintage day of fun and nostalgia

Last year's Batley Vintage Day.Last year's Batley Vintage Day.
Last year's Batley Vintage Day.
A Spitfire soared through the skies of a West Yorkshire town as it celebrated a bygone era of swing music, classic cars and community spirit.

Thousands of people turned out to the fourth Batley Vintage Day on Saturday.

Originally themed around the 1940s, it has been broadened out to include the sounds, tastes and fashions of the 1950s and 1960s too.

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Co-organiser Andrew Marsden, chairman of the Batley Business Association, said: “It feels like the town centre comes to life.

“The feel on the day is so happy, that’s still what I really take from it. There’s so many people wandering around with a big grin on their face.

“It’s a brand new experience for so many people.”

A highlight of the day was the Spitfire’s appearance as it flew low near the Market Place.

Mr Marsden, 45, said: “It’s almost one of those ‘words can’t describe’ things.

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“It still makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand now as it did on the first year.”

A record number of stalls lined the streets and around 50 classic cars, including army vehicles and upmarket motors, were on display.

Music was on offer all day as various rock and roll acts performed for crowds on a main stage and the Navy, Army and Air Force Institutes tent.

Mr Marsden wished to thank all those who attended, without whom it would be “all for nothing,” he said.

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