Let’s get real about it

I’m Dewsbury born and bred and like to think I live in the real world – so it annoys me when I keep reading about the ‘regeneration of Dewsbury.

Dewsbury is no more than commuter town, like Surbiton is in London.

Why spend millions to bring in shops etc when in the end I’ll either go online or go to a better served shopping area to do my shopping?

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For too long we are told by local councillors and MP’s they will promise this that and the other. Why bother? Just so they have a building or road named after them, I don’t think so.

Dewsbury is no different to the many town or villages I go through on my job.

The type of shops in a town sums up the area that surrounds it. I was thinking today, why hasn’t Dewsbury got a Travelodge or a Premier Inn?

Because the town doesn’t offer anything. If I have friends from the south visiting, I go out of town to entertain them. For eating all we have are Indian or pizza takeaways. Every other shop is either a take away or charity shop. It sums up Dewsbury.

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There is no easy solution but the idea of bringing in a big chain is long gone.

My idea is simple, turn the shopping areas of Dewsbury into areas of mixed housing with parking and a mixture of shops thrown in.


Lees House Road