The toys in your attic could be worth up to £120,000 - here are the most valuable

This VW Campervan toy is worth thousands. (Photo: VW Campervan toy is worth thousands. (Photo:
This VW Campervan toy is worth thousands. (Photo:

They might be taking up space in your attic, but old children’s toys can prove to be extremely valuable.

The most valuable toys in the UK have been revealed by, with some big names topping the list.

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Childcare has worked with a toy expert and the founder of Toyology to compile the lists, which also include the toys most likely to become valuable in the future.

One of the toys tops the £100,000, with others potentially able to fetch their owners tens of thousands of pounds. Toy cars and collectable cards topped the list, while figures and dolls also featured.

Here are the top five most valuable toys

1. Hot Wheels 1969 VW Camper Van “Beach Bomb” Prototype - £120,0002. Pikachu Illustrator card - £44,0003. 1969 hot pink rear-loading VW camper van with surfboard accessory - £20,0004. Original 1959 Barbie with black and white bathing suit - £20,0005. 1979 Boba Fett toy - £13,000

Lower down the list were limited edition Lego sets, as well as more Star Wars themed toys.

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Ticking both of those boxes is the Lego Ultimate Millenium Falcon set - the largest one ever made by the Danish toy giant.

The number of pieces is 5,174 and the price is currently valued at £2,000.

The five toys most likely to become collectible are as follows:

1. Funko Pop Bobble head – any limited edition run2. Fortnite toys3. Limited edition LEGO sets4. Original Minecraft toys5. Playmobil Ghostbusters 15cm figures

Which toys are worth hanging on to?

Members of the public can view the list of the top 10 most valuable and most investable toys here.

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The full lists both include tips and guidelines on what to look out for, both good and bad, and some of the reasoning behind why each toy is so valuable or is going to appreciate in value. founder Richard Conway, said, “It’s amazing to see just how much people are spending on these toys – both old and new. However, I think if you’re a parent at least you can see the countless pounds spent on toys every year as an investment of sorts.

“It’s also interesting to see which toys are cheap now, but will be worth lots once they become collectible.

“I didn’t realise just how sought-after toys were before we started working with Peter to pull the lists together – it’s astonishing to think that last year's Christmas present might be worth thousands in ten year’s time.”

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