Olympics is totally offside

I AM in exactly the same position as Mrs Field (Reporter, March 25) in that I travel alone and want to go to the Olympics in London.

I use Thomas Cook in Huddersfield who have been as hamstrung as Dewsbury. I have complained to customer services in Bradford and have received a standard reply. I have written to Sebastian Coe in the House of Lords. Mrs Field is correct in saying single travellers are subject to discrimination and I have been forced to buy for two people. I will send the cutting from the Reporter to customer services.

One appreciates that it is an international event and that only a certain number of tickets are available in the UK. I was told that the much vaunted £20.12 tickets for the opening ceremony, which I have no desire to attend, total 50 for the whole of Thomas Cook in the UK. What they want is the big corporate market who will pay thousands, not ordinary travellers. There were no single room packages at all and this does not just hit the single travellers. You can get triple room packages for odd numbers other than singles.

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The other point is the packaging. I wanted just athletics but you have to have another sport. The first suggestion was beach volleyball which I certainly didn’t want so I settled for football which at least allows me to see the new Wembley because I regret to say I think it unlikely I’ll see Dewsbury in the Challenge Cup there for a few years.


Slaithwaite Road