LETTERS: So sad to hear of cafe closure

I am writing this letter to say how sad I am after reading in the Reporter Series that Baileys cafe as closed.

It is sad to see how many different stores that have closed such as Woolworths, Mark and Spencer, Mothercare, J&Bs, Bickers – just to name a few. I left Dewsbury five years ago after living there most of my life. I am 67 years old. I know times alter but as a young man living in Dewsbury there were five cinemas, one dance hall, one snooker hall and loads of public houses.

I thought I was posh if I had my dinner in Bickers department store as a child. I really looked forward to a visit to Caddys ice cream parlour as a treat where I had ice cream and pop in a tall glass with a big spoon and straw.

There was a big toy shop near Caddys that I looked forward to looking in.

As I said times alter but it may not be for the better sometimes.

John H Chandler

High Street, Royston, Barnsley