Talking Sport: Fuss over Mourinho scarcely believable

Trevor Watson.Trevor Watson.
Trevor Watson.
It’s hard at this time of the year to make the right decision. Do you buy the new David Beckham fragrance, which I think comes with a free tattoo, or possibly splash out on the Tyson Fury Book of Etiquette?

Then, of course, you have to worry about the plight of poor Jose Mourinho, sacked at this time of peace on earth and good will towards men. The fuss over his departure has been scarcely believable, page after page and more nasty leaksfrom inside the club than a damaged colander.

Let’s face it, he isn’t king or prime minster, he’s a football manager and one thing’s certain, his compensation, estimated at ten million pounds, will be slightly more than the lads at Kellingley Colliery, who are unemployed through no fault of their own and much less chance of getting a job.

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Jose was promptly linked with Man U, who bravely went close against Norwich losing only 2-1. It seems strange that Mourinho is no longer good enough for Chelsea but OK for Old Trafford. Football, as they say, is a funny game.

Everybody was on edge at the Sports Personality of the Year awards regarding whether Tyson Fury would insult anyone. The fuss over his remarks, which you often hear in pubs and clubs, must have added a couple of million viewers to the BBC coverage.

Fury was calm and simply said he apologised if he had offended anyone. Judging by the reaction in some papers that wasn’t enough. Did he have to crawl on hands and knees?

Anyway Fury didn’t win the award but was fourth behind winner Andy Murray, runner-up Kevin Sinfield and Jessica Ennis-Hill, who was third.

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Murray made one or two daft remarks in the early days of his tennis career but has quickly learned and in the last two years has been very discreet. His praise for his Davis Cup-winning team mates was exemplary.

Sinfield’s award shows how much rugby league supporters rallied round him because he won’t have received too many votes from the Southern set, still fuming over Sam Burgess.

And so to the Battle of Byrne part two. Hanging Heaton Cricket Club’s Christmas snooker pairs handicap pitted Peter Byrne and his little cherub son James against Pete’s brother David and Neil Keyworth, who must have felt like a cowboy amongst the indians.

Peter and James duly won but the smug smiles were taken off their faces when Peter and David’s dad Jack took them on and wiped them off the baize. Jack, who was a pretty good cricketer in his time, especially at Chickenley, is a slip of a lad at a mere 88.

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So we reach Christmas – daft sweaters, awful socks and sanity questioned.

Don’t worry, wear the gifts at Owl Lane on Saturday for the traditional Boxing Day bonanza with Dewsbury Rams taking on Batley Bulldogs, a holiday event which holds many memories.

Yes, rugby league is back, it’s scarcely been away. Supporters won’t know all the players with numerous signings but the newcomers will soon learn about Heavy Woollen pride.