Runners impress

Dewsbury Road Runners organised the third race in the West Yorkshire Winter Cross Country league in the Lower Spen Country Park, Dewsbury Moor last Saturday.

Over a five-mile course, the Dewsbury’s men’s team were third, the veterans were second and the female team were fifth. It left Dewsbury third overall on the day and third in the standings after the three races.

Like last year, the race was on a snow-covered course but the organisers were better prepared and it had been marked out the day before.

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Dewsbury runners’ results: 7th Kevin Ogden 31:34; 11th Kevin Oates 32:34; 13th Mark Oldroy 32:53; 15th John Calvert 33:05; 23rd Andrew Meskimmon 33:49; 24th Keith Long 33:52; 26th Andrew Cottier 34:10; 30th James Morris 35:14; 36th Ian Sutcliffe 36:15; 44th David Smith 37:14; 53rd Richard Aiston 38:49; 7th female Flora Skidmore 38:50; 55th David Binns 39:24; 59th Matthew Baldwin 39:59; 15th female Maxine Worden 40:21; 66th Tim Harris 41:32; 73rd Edward Wilkinson 41:52; 75th Colin Watson 43:17; 80th Peter Morton 44:08; 24th female Kate Barley 44:50; 34th female Liz Smith-Calvert 46:54; 37th female Jean Entwistle 47:59; 41st female Michaela Graham 48:07; 45th Heather Mitchell 50:10; 47th Janet Murnin 52:54; 50th Catherine Lee 53:28; Sue Sykes 73:17.