The Sparkle Coach: How to change your workouts as you age

There’s a reason why most professional athletes retire at a seemingly young age because whether we like it or not, our body degenerates with age and so we need to adjust our exercise regime to adapt which can actually enable us to explore new ways of moving!

By Sophie Mei Lan
Monday, 17th May 2021, 12:10 pm

Don’t let old myths such as “go hard or go home” stop you. It's just about training for longevity and reducing risk of injury, work with your body not against it. Shift your mindset around the high impact cardio trend of what we’re fed to believe constitutes a ‘proper workout.’

Training in your 30s

As I barbell squat, reduce plyometric moves and shimmy into my 30s, I say a fond farewell to burpees and hello to more strength, conditioning and flexibility, which for me has actually improved my total fitness.

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The Sparkle Coach

From needing a longer warm up before I break into my dancer splits, getting dizzier as I backbend in yoga and that’s not to mention that most of us have more responsibilities which can lead to dips in motivation. That is why I find experimenting with new workout styles can actually boost my productivity and interest levels!

And it's vital for our ‘declining’ physiological and psychological fitness that we continue exercising, we just need to adapt what we do and flow with our bodies' progression in life.

Aged 14, incidentally when you have to be mindful of growth-related injuries, as my young acrobatic daughter is experiencing with growth-related pains in her back and knees, I discovered the beauty of how different bodies move uniquely, when I attended my first belly dance class, attendees ranging from me to an 80-year-old.

Mindset and Motivation as we age

Start by reframing negative self-talk into positive language around aging.

Adopting a growth mindset around the exciting prospect of more self-acceptance, different opportunities to exercise and perhaps a bit more time for self-care rather than feel we ‘should’ be pounding the streets or pumping iron for as long as possible. Now is the perfect time to start to be mindful about deep health in mind and body.

Exercising in your 40s

As you move into your 40s, you may now have more time and motivation to exercise but as our energy systems degenerate at around 1-2 per-cent each year it’s important to adjust training to remain injury-free so you can continue to move to help us enjoy changes in our physique and boosting our mood regardless of age!

Dance Flo founder and fitness instructor Amanda Botterill now appreciates more low impact conditioning workouts to protect the joints and avoid muscle wastage. She explains that her over-40s clients are now appreciating the strength, sculpting and flexibility benefits which her unique blend of dance fitness, combining jazz dance, contemporary, ballet and yoga in her ‘Dance Flo’ class offers. Her innovative concept provides a low impact, strengthening and sculpting workout which also aids balance and flexibility.

She advises: “Exercise little and often - it's easier for your head and your heart! And do something you enjoy, dance is the best therapy!”

Exercising aged 50-65

‘Older adults’ are defined as those aged 50-65 but providing you are healthy, you just need to adapt your regime. It’s important to consult a fitness professional first to help decipher through the overload of information we may read online. It’s a chance to evolve with your own holistic health needs.

With each challenge comes a new opportunity from reconnecting with our minds and bodies which we may have previously neglected for the sake of caring duties or careers to discovering Dance Flo, seize the moment by putting your own wellbeing as priority in order to be as efficient in life, body and business as possible!

Regardless of age, with each challenge comes a new opportunity and as I train to go on long hikes something my body isn’t use to as they actually require more endurance than I am used to from my ‘quick fix’ HIIT classes, I realise that we must embrace the beautiful natural journey of life and life is certainly for dancing in the flow.

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