London Broncos 30 Dewsbury Rams 10 - Rams got the key moments wrong, reflects head coach Lee Greenwood

LEE GREENWOOD felt the scoreline was not a fair reflection of the game in his side’s defeat at London Broncos on Sunday afternoon.

Monday, 31st May 2021, 11:18 am
Updated Monday, 31st May 2021, 11:20 am
DEFEAT: London Broncos 30-10 Dewsbury Rams. Picture: Getty Images.

The Rams lost their fourth league game of the campaign after falling behind early on in the capital as their hosts outscored them by five tries to two.

However, head coach Greenwood felt the outcome could have been different if the Rams had done the right things in the key moments of the contest.

“The scoreline probably doesn’t reflect the full story, it was probably tighter than that suggests,” reflected Greenwood.

DEFEAT: London Broncos 30-10 Dewsbury Rams. Picture: Getty Images.

“There were a few key moments that we got wrong and that led to it looking comfortable for London.

“We thought we had scored in the very first minute, we kicked it and their full-back dropped it and we scored but it got ruled out for an offside.

“They scored on tackle five of their first set and scored again straight after.

“It was looking bleak after 10 minutes but then we got right back into it and competed really well.

DEFEAT: London Broncos 30-10 Dewsbury Rams. Picture: Getty Images.

“We created a couple of opportunities and then we did score and looked like we were right in there but then a killer blow came as they scored right after the buzzer went.

“Straight after half time we should have scored again but we made a mess of it and then they went down the other end and scored.

“That was pretty much it then.

“It is disappointing, it was about a couple of key moments that we just got wrong.”

London led 18-6 at the interval after Greg Richards and Matt Fozard scored early tries for London.

The Rams hit back through loanee Sam Wood but Josh Walters claimed a third London try after the half-time hooter had sounded.

Dewsbury came close to reducing the deficit two minutes into the second half but fell further behind when Cory Aston scored London’s fourth try of the afternoon.

Andy Gabriel hit back for the visitors on the hour but with 13 minutes to go, the Broncos wrapped up their win through James Meadows’s try.

Greenwood continued: “It takes a huge amount of money or the full-time training to be just a bit better in those key moments.

“It is frustrating for a coach when you can see you are pretty close but that [extra quality] is what the bigger teams spend the money on.

“With the trip down there on the day and the weather, which was roasting hot, things were stacked against you already but it was just those key moments that made it more comfortable for them.

“All the key moments made it comfortable for them rather than nervous and when you look at it at full-time, it looks like a victory as predicted for London but in my eyes it wasn’t quite that.”

The result leaves Dewsbury with three wins from their first seven league games.

The Rams are not back in action until June 13, with the Challenge Cup semi-finals taking centre stage this weekend.

Just two Championship games will be played as Dewsbury have two weeks to prepare for the visit of Toulouse Olympique, when supporters will return to the Tetley’s Stadium for the first time since 2020.

London Broncos: Meadows, Hodson, Hankinson, Lovell, Miski, Aston, Fozard, Gwaze, Davis, Richards, Walters, Curran, Jones. Subs: Navarrete, Hindmarsh, Sammut, Williams.

Dewsbury Rams: Fleming, Gabriel, Ryder, McCombe, Oakes, Sykes, Finn, Magrin, Day, Garratt, Walton, Knowles, Wood. Subs: Butterworth, Annakin, Hall, Martin.