Volunteers help improve gym facilities at Rams

The new gym at Dewsbury Rams.
The new gym at Dewsbury Rams.

Dewsbury Rams players will have use of a new gym and wrestle room thanks to the help from a group of volunteers.

Rams chairman Mark Sawyer and new coach Lee Greenwood are impressed with the new equipment in the gym and the wrestle room facility, which will help in the team’s preparations for the 2019 Championship season.

Greenwood said: “One of the first things I looked at and thought needed to change was an old changing room block.

“It allows us now to do everything here rather than to have to go off site to do different things.

“I have coached and played at this level and know that you end up dropping things going to two or three different venues. We are fortunate now that we have got everything on site and can do it all in the same time.

“The volume of things the lads are doing will be different to other clubs and that’s purely down to the facilities we have.

“One of the first things I said when I first came in was to get rid of any excuse in why a player can’t succeed here. There is no hiding places now for anyone.”

Greenwood was also full of praise for a group of volunteers who made the projects possible.

He added: “The volunteers are unbelievable. Every club needs them especially below Super League level. From what I’ve seen this army of volunteers come three times a week to do jobs around the stadium which is fantastic. They are happy to give anything a go and they are doing really good jobs not just odd jobs.”

Chairman Mark Sawyer added: “The gym is a fantastic facility that has been set up by the volunteers and we have been able to add this facility to our stadium due to the bequeathed money from Christine Gooder. The money has helped to set up projects and this was one of them.”

The group of volunteers also worked hard to help install a wrestle room, which will provide the Rams with the ability to work on strength and conditioning at the stadium.

Greenwood added: “Every team and every coach will want to get some wrestle into their training. It’s become more prominent in the game as the years have gone by.

“We are so lucky that we have got our own facility here, that we can transform rooms and there is space around the stadium to do things. Other clubs have to hire places out if they want to do that which may give them an obstacle and excuse not to do it. It is there for us and we can do it up to four times a week if we want.