Trout pays tribute to invaluable Rams volunteers in providing top class facility

Dewsbury Rams player Kyle Trout is helping run the club's Rampage scheme.
Dewsbury Rams player Kyle Trout is helping run the club's Rampage scheme.

Dewsbury Rams prop Kyle Trout has hailed the new Rampage scheme and wants more local clubs to take advantage of the free coaching sessions the club are offering.

Trout was on hand to pass on tips and run a mini skills session to the Shaw Cross Sharks U14s, the latest junior side to be party of the Rampage scheme.

Trout, a scorer in Dewsbury’s 20-20 draw at Barrow on Sunday, said: “It has been really good so far. Obviously there are a lot of different variants in age groups but at 14s there is quite a nice skill level and obviously they are coming into Scholarship year but it is good to be part of and good to see the kids with smiles on their faces.

“In terms of facilities, other than Leeds, Wigan, Saints and clubs like that, I don’t know of any clubs who have facilities like this. The volunteers are massive here. There have come in and put a lot of effort in and that has made it a lot easier for us to train.

“In terms of facility, Wakefield certainly don’t have this, because they train here. Obviously they have the Super League players and coaching staff but in terms of on site facilities, there is not much that can match it round here.

“We like to think ourselves as approachable and we want to think that the kids who do come down can talk to us and have their pictures taken.

“We want to give these clubs a little insight but we want to give them a good night too.

“Lee (Greenwood) wanted to push the community side and so far it has been great. Every Monday until July we have a team booked in and so far it has been big raps and as long as the kids are enjoying it the club will back us. We’ve been getting a few messages off parents and players and we just want them to have a good time and encourage more rugby players.

“There are not many places that have the amount of teams as we do round here.

“I played for Stanley as a junior but all the local teams, like Thornhill, Shaw Cross, Dewsbury Moor, Celtic and then going further with Siddal, Eastmoor, Sharlston and Stanley they are wanting to come down as well. If we can get a few more coming down, its free to them and they can get match tickets.

“Its nice that we get a bit of one-on-one time with them but that they can then come down and watch us on a weekend.

“We just want people in the local area to see what facilities we have, to see the hard work the staff and volunteers and long time supporters do behind the scenes.

“Lee brought his ideas in but without the volunteers they would just have stayed ideas and the hard work is appreciated by the boys and we want it to be appreciated by the community as well as it is a hot bed for rugby league round here.”