Supporters vote overwhelmimngly for Dewsbury to adopt new club badge

Dewsbury Rams fans have voted to change the club badge from next season.
Dewsbury Rams fans have voted to change the club badge from next season.

Dewsbury Rams supporters have selected a new badge.

Fans voted online last week and in person at a session held in the Bailey Bar at Tetley’s Stadium last Friday.

After voting overwhelmingly to adopt a new badge, four options were proposed and hundreds of votes were received:

47 per cent of supporters voted for the shield with stripes design, 22 per cent chose the circle with stripes, 17 per cent opted for the circle with stripes and checks and 14 per cent chose the shield with stripes and checks.

Locally-based graphic designer, and lifelong rugby league supporter, Scott Cranmer, will work alongside Rams media volunteer Tom Coates to create a definitive, final version of the badge, which will be adopted as the club’s identity across all media from the 2018 season.

As part of the consultation process, a number of supporters made other suggestions regarding the design of the new club badge and these views will be taken into account as the final design is created.

While an overwhelming majority of supporters voted in favour of adopting one of the four proposed options, a small number of supporters placed on record their preference for the original Rams head logo, which was introduced in 1996, while several others asked that the current logo be retained.

In response to these views, the club has pledged to examine the possibility of introducing a limited range of merchandise commemorating the 2000 Northern Ford Premiership win, featuring the Rams head logo, and the 2009 unbeaten season, featuring the current, outgoing logo.

Rams media volunteer Tom Coates said: “Following a three-month consultation process, it’s great to be in a position where we have an outright majority.

“98 per cent of fans polled at August’s fans forum voted in favour of adopting a new badge and the winning option received twice as many votes as the next most popular.

“Following informal conversations with supporters, the consultation process has included a meeting with The Amber Ribbon, an online vote and two sessions at the stadium.

“We’ve held conversations with supporters of all ages and we are working hard to reflect a wide cross-section of views, while developing a brand for the club that’s strong and iconic.

“The artwork and feedback will now be handed over to Scott and the final design will be formally unveiled later.”