Regan turns on the syle to retain Geoff Brough Trophy

Mark Regan receives the Geoff Brough Trophy from his wife Iris having defeated Kez Smith in the Spen Winter Sweeps Final last Saturday.
Mark Regan receives the Geoff Brough Trophy from his wife Iris having defeated Kez Smith in the Spen Winter Sweeps Final last Saturday.

Mark Regan capped a superb winter of bowls as he retained the Geoff Brook Trophy last Saturday.

Finals day capped 16 weeks of entertaining bowls at Spen Victoria and it was Regan who proved the most consistent player to claim victory.

Geoff Brough was a well respected member at Spen and his widow, Iris, made the presentation while also donating a number of raffle prizes and the family continue to be avid supporters of the Spen Winter Sweeps competition.

It was fitting that it was the four highest scoring players who reached the semi-finals.

Regan booked his final spot with a 21-15 victory over fancied Chris Mordue in his semi.

The second semi was a closely fought affair which saw Kez Smith prevail to edge out Ash Tattersley 21-18.

Regan was in control in the early stages of the final, as he led 8-3, 10-5 and 13-7 but Smith fought back with an eight break as he reduced the deficit to 17-15.

Regan took the next three points and despite Smith pinching a couple of singles, Regan took the point he needed to win 21-17.

Geoff Brough Final

First Round: Kez Smith 21 Marc Armitage 20; Chris Bly 21 Ben Gloag 14; Andrew Gallagher 8 Garry Walker 21; Ash Tattersley 21 Joe Cranston 16; Chris Mordue 21 Gary Wike 17; Gareth Coates 21 Colin Scorah 20; Mally Fowler 13 Josh Mordue 21; Mark Regan 21 Andy Thornton 18.

Quarter Finals: Kez Smith 21 Chris Bly 18; Garry Walker 12 Ash Tattersley 21; Chris Mordue 21 Gareth Coates 20; Josh Mordue 12 Mark Regan 21.

Semi Finals: Kez Smith 21 Ash Tattersley 18; Chris Mordue 15 Mark Regan 21.

Final : Kez Smith 17 Mark Regan 21.

n Adam Ward had struggled for form throughout the winter, by his own admission, but he saved his best display for the last weekend as he secured victory in the Supplementary Cup, beating Jimmy Hynes 21-16 in the final.

Ward had upset the odds in his semi-final, edging out bookies favourite Mitch Toth 21-20 to reach the final.

Hynes had overcome Danny Teale 21-10 in his semi-final and was looking for a repeat performance but it was Ward who was quickest out of the blocks to take a 13-4 lead.

Hynes showed a battling spirit but he was unable to claw back the deficit and Ward ran out a well deserved winner.

The Spen Winter Sweep continues to prove a popular tournament attracting bowlers from Lancashire and Cumbria along with those from Yorkshire.

Peter Ellis, John Blackburn and Kevin Wood have ensured the competition ran smoothly across 16 qualifying weeks and finals day.

Supplementary Cup

Preliminary round: Karen Hill 21 Dave Gwilliam 18

First Round: Mitch Toth 21 Sarah Edmondson 8; Paul Holt 15 Suzie Ladbrooke 21; Anthony Rukin 15 Gordon Bradford 21; Lorraine Hirst 17 Adam Ward 21; Neil Simpson 13 Derek Hewitt 21; Jimmy Hynes 21 Mark Connelly 20; Michael Sweeney 17 Paul Burke 21; Danny Teale 21 Karen Hill 17.

Quarter finals: Mitch Toth 21 Suzie Ladbrooke 13; Gordon Bradford 13 Adam Ward 21; Derek Hewitt 20 Jimmy Hynes 21; Paul Burke 12 Danny Teale 21.

Semi Finals: Jimmy Hynes 21 Danny Teale 10; Mitch Toth 20 Adam Ward 21.

Final: Jimmy Hynes 16 Adam Ward 21