Rams supporters pledge to raise £12k to boost squad

Dewsbury Rams fans want to raise �12,000 to help boost the player squad budget.
Dewsbury Rams fans want to raise �12,000 to help boost the player squad budget.

Several Dewsbury Rams supporters groups are coming together in a bid to raise £12,000 to go towards the playing budget.

The scheme may only be in its infancy but already the ‘All Together 2018’ has raised almost £3,500 towards their goal.

The All Together 2018 initiative aims to unite existing fundraising schemes, including the Dewsbury Faithful, #SquadGoals and further money raised by independent donations to help boost the Rams’ salary cap and enable head coach Neil Kelly to strengthen his playing squad.

The Amber Ribbon group has already made a one-off donation of £2,000 to the initiative and will otherwise continue to raise funds for a range of projects, as outlined in the organisation’s constitution.

A further £700 raised by the Dewsbury Faithful will also be added to the pot, alongside donations from other supporters totalling £670.

#SquadGoals, which is still in its infancy, has so far raised £60 towards the Squadbuilder fund and with the permission of those that have made donations, this money will be re-allocated to All Together 2018.

The initiative is being spearheaded by supporters Neil Coulson, Graham Fisher, Peter Marsden and Ady Marsh, but is dependent on the support of the wider Rams community.

A Rams spokesperson said: “Thanks to the efforts of many, there are now a number of ways to make donations in support of the club. All Together 2018 will help to unite these causes, while retaining the different methods of donation.”