Kelly takes positives from performance against impressive Toulouse outfit

Rams coach Neil Kelly was able to take positives from Sunday's defeat to Toulouse.
Rams coach Neil Kelly was able to take positives from Sunday's defeat to Toulouse.

Dewsbury Rams coach Neil Kelly was able to take the positives from last Sunday’s defeat against Championship high fliers Toulouse Olympique.

Both Dewsbury’s defeats this season have come against full-time opposition and Kelly believes Toulouse showed the level his side must aspire to.

The 40-20 defeat was a little harsh on the Rams as Toulouse scored tries at the end of both halves and also grabbed a length of the field interception score when the Rams were threatening.

Kelly was upbeat after the game and said: “I’m really impressed with how Toulouse stuck in and battled hard and they have shown us of our next development.

“They’re a good side but also they have come here and haven’t played the champagne rugby they are used to, they have come here, to a place where you have got to work hard to get a win, and they have worked very hard and toughed it out.

“Instead of becoming a little bit depressed when things don’t go our way, whether its a wrong decision or give an interception away or whatever, they just kept coming back and doing what works for them and we have got to learn that because sometimes when a bad play happens, we let it lead to another bad play where as they just shrug it off and get back on track.”

“I am very positive. I know there are things we could have done differently and I would be stood really euphoric and saying what a great win but we have got to be honest with ourselves and say what we need to do to win this sort of game.

“If you cut out the score at the end of each half and the intercept, there are plenty of things, where you could take points off. That is a really tough lesson but I am really positive about the players.”

The Rams boss added: “If you look after the ball the better, generally you will play the better football and get your noses in front on the scoreline but we didn’t look after the ball well enough in the first half, which could have helped us take away their energy levels in the second half.”