Greenwood concedes that gulf in class showed in Dewsbury’s cup loss to Fax

Dewsbury's Lucas Walshaw is tackled by Halifax defender Dan Fleming during Friday's Challenge Cup tie.
Dewsbury's Lucas Walshaw is tackled by Halifax defender Dan Fleming during Friday's Challenge Cup tie.

Dewsbury Rams coach Lee Greenwood conceded that a gulf in class showed last Friday night as his side bowed out of the Challenge Cup to Halifax.

The Rams tried valiantly but were unable to prevent a 34-6 defeat as Halifax progressed to set up a quarter-final clash with fellow Championship side Bradford Bulls.

Grenwood said: “The effort from the majority of the lads was there, but it is what it is.

“There’s probably a difference in quality, to be fair. Did anyone think any different before the game?

“It was disappointing viewing, Halifax are going to start big and try and bully you and that’s exactly what happened at the start of both halves.

“It is par for the course, it is annoying for me to say it because I would like to make a difference here, but at the moment I am not in these games.

“It was probably what everyone expected, a comfortable victory for Halifax.”

“There’s a number of factors, a couple of bounces of the ball went their way, but it usually does with the dominant team.

“They scored straight away and caught us on the hop. When it to gets to a bit of that one-on-one physical strength and ability you probably need it closer to your line rather than three man tackles around the middle.

“Halifax are in a bit of a false position at the moment in the league, but they are a top-four outfit and Dewsbury are an eighth, ninth, 10th-placed team.

“There’s no hiding away from that. That’s what it was when I took the job, we are missing a few starting players that were here last year and signed elsewhere and we were playing catchup right from the start.

“Nothing has changed. Bringing loan players in left, right and centre to try to fill gaps, we have signed a load of players from league one and lower levels.

“We haven’t signed one player since I joined from a higher level. It’s where we’re at. It’s annoying and disappointing,

“I’d like to be in the game for much longer because it’s not good viewing for anyone associated with the club, myself included, when you know the game’s gone for such a long part of it so you are literally trying hard to keep the score down.”

“You never want to say (there’s a gulf in quality) before the game because then you are going out to lose and we don’t want to do that.

“If we had started both halves at 10 out of 10 and full tilt and they don’t score the two tries they did in the first 10 minutes of the first half and same in the second half it is totally game on.

“But that’s what Halifax do, they start big and bully you, physically dominate you, get some attacking sets on you early doors and score and they strangle the life out of you. That’s how it was.”