Birstall Terrier: Music is the only thing I would change

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From the McAlpine to the Galpharm to the John Smith’s Stadium – the name has changed in accordance with the sponsors, but Huddersfield Town’s 24,500 capacity stadium remains an impressive construction, boasting a very well kept pitch.

Set less than a mile from the centre of Huddersfield, it is easily accessible by car or public transport. There’s a pub, a pizza restaurant and a coffee bar in the area immediately outside the stadium.

Inside offers the usual football fare of pies which, compared to some at other Championship grounds, are pretty good with or without a beer to accompany them.

There are a few places to park outside the ground and within easy walking distance if you don’t fancy the end of match scramble getting out of one of the club’s car parks.

At some of the away grounds I have visited, I have to play a little game called hunt the scoreboard, as they seem to like to put them in obscure places.

Even if they are visible, the words on them are not. At Town, the scoreboard is well placed and very clear.

One thing Huddersfield Town, like any club, want more of is noise. The acoustics of the ground are notoriously bad and it can seem eerily quiet at times.

I always sit in the Britannia Rescue stand in the aptly named singing section.

This area is always vocal and, because it’s the only part of the ground that is, Town are experimenting with having another singing section behind the goal.

It certainly made a difference to the atmosphere when they tried this at a recent game I attended and it meant I could rest my vocal chords for a couple of minutes while someone else took over.

I would award our stadium a perfect 10 if only they would do something about the music they play, very loudly, before the players emerge from the tunnel.

When I say ‘music’ please don’t think there are any actual tunes involved.

Still, once the players are out on the pitch it’s my turn to sing loudly and that probably sounds just as bad to anyone within ear shot.