Cranston overcomes home favourite Walker to win latest Spen Winter Sweep

Joe Cranston produced a superb display of bowling to claim victory in the latest Spen Winter Sweep competition last Saturday.

Saturday, 19th January 2019, 7:58 am
Joe Cranston

There was another full compliment of 40 bowlers and it again proved a keenly contested competition with all four semi finalists having won at least one of their games 21-20.

It was also the first time in memory that none of the Lancashire contingent of entries had reached the last four.

Cranston faced Spen favourite Garry Walker in the final and went into a 9-4 lead.

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Walker had produced one of his best performances to reach the final and pulled the scores back to 12-12.

Cranston showed what a good temperament he has to produce a nine break and seal a deserved win.

Youngster Cranston previously faced Halifax League bowling stalwart Gordon Bradford in his semi-final.

Bradford led 8-4 and 9-6 but Cranston replied with an 11 break to lead 17-9.

Bradford earned three pairs in the next four ends but Cranston closed the game out 21-15.

Denby Grange bowler Colin Scorah faced Walker in the second semi-final and it was the home man who built a 6-3 lead early on.

Scorah pegged him back to 6-6 and it remained evenly contested up to 15-15 when Walker made his move with a double and single to lead 18-15.

Walker extended his lead to 20-16 but Scorah reduced the deficit to 20-19.

Scorah produced another excellent lead but missed out with his second leaving Walker to strike for the match, as his effort ricocheted off all three bowls to seal a thrilling win.

Spen Winter Sweep Results

Prelim round: Mitch Toth 21 Malcolm Wensley 20, Mally Fowler 21 Kevin Wood 20, Kez Smith 19 Neil Slattery 21, Jack Dyson 21 Gareth Coates 12, Paul Burke 14 Andy Taylor 21, Suzie Ladbrooke 14 Sarah Edmondson 21, Colin Scorah 21 Karen Hill 12, Duncan Reeves 14 Derek Hewitt 21.

First Round: Gordon Bradford 21 Anthony Rukin 11, Chris Ellis 21 Alan Forest 20, Danny Teale 21 Thomas Scorah 20, Lorraine Hirst 18 Paul Holt 21, Brian Lee 12 Chris Mordue 21, Ben Gloag 21 Michael Sweeney 9 Mark Regan 21 Neil Simpson 19, Warren Wilson 9 Chris Bly 21, Joe Cranston 21 Andrew Gallagher 13, Ash Tattersley 21 Mark Connelly 17, Gary Wike 21 Andy Thornton 20, Garry Walker 21 Dave Gwilliam 20, Mitch Toth 20 Mally Fowler 21, Neil Slattery 21 Jack Dyson 10, Andy Taylor 19 Sarah Edmondson 21, Colin Scorah 21 Derek Hewitt 19.

Second round: Gordon Bradford 21 Chris Ellis 16,Danny Teale 21 Paul Holt 14, Chris Mordue 20 Ben Gloag 21, Mark Regan 20 Joe Cranston 21, Chris Bly 18 Ash Tattersley 21, Gary Wike 14 Garry Walker 21, Neil Slattery 21 Mally Fowler 19, Sarah Edmondson 18 Colin Scorah 21.

Quarter Finals: Gordon Bradford 21 Danny Teale 20, Ben Gloag 19 Joe Cranston 21, Ash Tattersley 16 Garry Walker 21, Neil Slattery 20 Colin Scorah 21.

Semi Finals: Gordon Bradford 15 Joe Cranston 21, Garry Walker 21 Colin Scorah 19.

Final: Joe Cranston 21 Garry Walker 12.