Best electric blankets UK 2023: kingsize, double, single and dual control options from Amazon and Dreamland

Best electric blankets UK: kingsize, double, single and dual control options from Argos, Amazon and DreamlandBest electric blankets UK: kingsize, double, single and dual control options from Argos, Amazon and Dreamland
Best electric blankets UK: kingsize, double, single and dual control options from Argos, Amazon and Dreamland | Best electric blankets UK: kingsize, double, single and dual control options from Argos, Amazon and Dreamland

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Those who have an electric blanket know all too well the bliss of slipping into an already-toasty bed on a freezing winter night

But their benefits go far beyond keeping you warm. They're also adept at alleviating muscle and joint pain (they are particularly beneficial for arthritics), aiding sleep, and diminishing the number of dust mites in your bedding.

Are electric blankets safe?

We have encountered people who are opposed to electric blankets, but their concerns are unilaterally out-dated. Most importantly, electric blankets are not the fire hazard they were in the past. The safety standards they have to adhere to are extremely strict, with over-heating protection mandatory on all models.

Improved manufacturing techniques also mean electric blankets no longer use scandalous quantities of energy. Indeed, they're much cheaper to run than keeping the heating on overnight, so can save you money on your bills.

The wire coils are thinner than they once were, so you don't end up feeling them under the bed sheet as you used.

Best of all, the models available come in a variety of sizes, shapes, colours, and finishes, and many allow for dual control – meaning your partner can keep their side of the bed Baltic cold while you sojourn to a balmy, Bahaman heat on your side.

Here is our round-up of the best blankets on the market, considering comfort, heat distribution, look, dual control, and further functionality.

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Double Dual Control Dreamland Scandi Heated Sherpa Underblanket

To be honest, we hadn't realised electric blankets could be this great. Fitting easily over the mattress, this fleecy, cosy blanket heats up in five minutes, to keep you delightfully warm.

Dual-sided, the white sherpa quilted adds extra cosiness in deepest winter, but the smooth polyester will keep you comfortable when it's warmer.

Where it's truly superb is in its use of technology to respond to both the room and your body temperature to keep you at an optimal temperature all night – no frustrated awaking from over-heating or chilly toes.

The auto-time shuts off after one, three, or nine hours as you prefer.

A dream.

Slumberdown Wonderfully Warm Electric Blanket

We adored this lusciously comfortable under blanket. It comes with a removable, deep-filled comfort layer, meaning it is cloud-soft to lie on. This layer is easy to remove and can safely be cleaned in the machine, dried in the tumbler.

It's also a handy blanket if you sleep next to someone whose temperature runs different to your own – multi-zone heating areas allow for each quarter of the bed to be at a different heat. Beyond that, there are nine different heat settings, so you can truly customise the temperature across the bed as you prefer. The extra foot warmth function is a nice touch – great for defrosting chilly toes.

With wide elastic corner straps at both ends, it's easy (ish) to fit to the bed, and stays in place. The long leads on the cords make it simple to set up in the bedroom.

Silentnight Comfort Control Electric Blanket

This budget option will keep you warm, but the small price tag does have its short comings. Firstly, it will not fit to the edge of the mattress – instead, you need to tie it down. We found this a fiddly undertaking – indeed, on the first night we weren't firm enough with our knots and found it shifted uncomfortably through the night.

With three heat settings and an auto shut-off function, it will warm up effectively, and you don't need to worry – the thermal fuse will shut down if there's a fault or a hot spot.

We love the app that allows you to switch the blanket off and on – perfect for putting the blanket on while you're out and about, to arrive back to a warm bed, ready and waiting.

Unfortunately, though, the affordable nature of this blanket precludes some of the luxuries you'll find at a higher price range. The polyester material is scratchy to the touch, and we found we could 'feel' the blanket under our sheets – the wiring stuck out.

But if you want a cheap choice for occasional use, the Slientnight will keep you warm. 

Monogram by Beurer Allergyfree Heated Mattress Cover

The electric skirt on this electric blanket makes it an absolute breeze to securely fasten to your bed. And that user-friendly feel continues as you use it.

Heating up the bed in eight minutes, this lovely blanket's auto-timer means you can fall asleep knowing your blanket will switch off on its own after an hour, six, or all night. The five pre-set temperatures evenly heat up the bed. The controls are easy to control, making it easy to machine wash. And there's sets of controls.  

Where it really shines, though, is for allergy sufferers, those with sensitive skin, or asthmatics. Containing anti-bacterial technology, the Beurer was built to protect against dust mites, mould, and bacteria. You'll literally breath easier as you sleep on it. An impressive choice.

Dreamland Relaxwell Zebra Electric Blanket - Single

This gorgeous throw has the feel of a ski lodge interior – perfect for that apres ski feel of hunkering down cosily with a glass of red wine and a good book. It's super soft – we swoon to touch it, and of course can be repurposed for use in the bedroom if you're wanting to keep cosy there.

The 'ready-to-relax' function means you will be snug as a proverbial under this throw in five minutes. An even heat, with 6 heat settings, you won't get uncomfortably warm – rather, blissfully cosy.

The 'intelliheat' means your blanket will automatically heat up to your preferred setting each time you turn it on, as well as paying attention to your body temperature to ensure you stay at the correct heat. A furry, fuzzy, indulgent dream. 

Silentnight Dual Control Electric Blanket

If you sleep with another person, you may have noticed that we all tend to run at different temperatures as we sleep. Enter: dual controls, aka the relationship saver.

This SilentNight Dual control option allows each person to heat their side of the bed to one of three different heat settings. One can revel in cool sheets, the other can cosy into Saharan temperatures. It heats up quickly, with no hotspots.

It’s also machine washable and comes with a three year guarantee - a great buy.

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