These are the top 5 most common regrets in the UK

People in the United Kingdom spend an average of 110 hours each year thinking about their regrets, according to new research.

From love we didn’t pursue to missing out on an opportunity to travel, more than three quarters of us wish we had taken more risks in life.

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In a survey carried out by consumer research company Mortar, in partnership with KP Nuts, fear was considered to be one of the main factors that stopped people from taking risks, with 44 per cent of study participants admitting to be crippled by fear of failure.

The nation's top 5 regrets

Not saving more when younger

Although you can’t turn back the clock you can start saving now and turn your regret into a lesson.

Not keeping in touch with old friends

This is an opportunity to re-evaluate your friendships and reconnect with childhood friends.

Not taking the plunge in a romance

Get yourself out there and join a dating app. It’s never too late.

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Not travelling when life involved fewer responsibilities

Find an adventure closer to home or one within reason that allows you to still fulfill your responsibilities.

Not pursuing a better paid job

There is no time like the present to develop your skills and experience to better your life chances.

Kevin McNair, Marketing Director at KP Snacks who commissioned the study said, “Our research reveals that taking risks and challenging yourself leads to fewer regrets and a happier more fulfilling life.

“With 2020 being a leap year, we are encouraging Brits to use that extra day to do something outside of their comfort zone or something they’ve always regretted not doing.”

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