Reading and Leeds Festival reactions: 'worst ever line-up'

The hotly awaited Reading and Leeds festival line-up has been revealed and initial reaction to the announcement has ranged from underwhelmed to bemused.

Though more acts are still to be announced, fans seem unimpressed by the roster which features American rockers Fall Out Boy and Kings of Leon, as well as 12-time Grammy winning rapper Kendrick Lamar.

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IT'S HERE! Your FIRST #RandL18 announcement! 🙌🙌🎟

— Reading & Leeds Fest (@OfficialRandL) February 13, 2018

'Their worst ever line-up'

Twitter user @joshlevin95 was one of the first to react to the line-up suggesting that it was the worst line-up in the festival's 19 year history.

Perhaps their worst ever line-up

— josh levin (@joshlevin95) February 13, 2018

Another announced that she was selling her tickets after the grand reveal.

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Anyone wanna buy my leeds fest ticket lmao im being 100% serious

— rachel (@rachelswannXx) February 13, 2018

While others revealed their sympathy for those who had already purchased tickets.

I just feel sorry for the people that bought tickets for reading and Leeds before seeing the line up!

— Bex 🦄 (@BexAustin_31) February 13, 2018

Tweeter @Shaun_Wilkinson claimed that the headliners spelled the end of an era.

RIP Reading and Leeds. It's officially dead.

— ShaunsSky (@shaun_wilkinson) February 13, 2018

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One user suggested that Leeds would rue the missed opportunity to dominate the UK festival scene in a Glastonbury fallow year.

One of the worst line ups I've ever seen, missed opportunity with no Glastonbury. It's 2018 not 2008

— Jack Robinson (@jackrobinson90) February 13, 2018

Where are the Arctic Monkeys?

Sheffield act the Arctic Monkeys, who have announced a number of 2018 festivals, were notably absent from the line-up announcement.

An absence that wasn't missed by ardent fans of the group.

READING AND LEEDS FEST, FIRST LINEUP ANNOUCEMENT: •Not the Arctic Monkeys •Not the Arctic Monkeys •Not the Arctic Monkeys •Not the Arctic Monkeys

— Gig Problems (@Gigprobs) February 13, 2018

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Another user struggled to contain his jealousy of Glasgow's TRNSMT festival.

Reading and Leeds get this dung while Glasgow's TRNSMT get Arctic Monkeys and Liam GallagherL.E.V.E.L.S.

— Samrat (@SM1967_) February 13, 2018

While one tweeter displayed their dismay through the medium of a gif.

Seeing there’s no Arctic Monkeys on the Reading and Leeds line-up #RandL18

— Bulletin (@latestbulletins) February 13, 2018

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User @Liam_lightowler admitted he was disappointed by the absence of several bands, but suggested that some would be impressed.

Where are acts like Arctic Monkeys, Liam Gallagher, Catfish and the Bottlemen, The Vaccines, Foo Fighters or Royal Blood? Massive fuck up. Can see Fiat 500 twitter having a field day with that line up. #RANDL18

— Liam (@liam_lightowler) February 13, 2018

While one tweeter went as far as making a tweak to an Arctic Monkey's EP.

— Bill🆒 (@_bill_h) February 13, 2018

Stuck in the past

One of the main criticisms being levelled at the line-up is the volume of acts not deemed contemporary. In particular, Fall Out Boy, Kings of Leon and Panic! at the Disco were singled out.

@jessfutch queried if we had been transported back in time.

lol what year is it

— Jess (@jessfutch) February 13, 2018

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Another user suggested that other than Kendrick Lamar, the festival was dated.

Who let Kendrick Lamar headline the 'Kerrang 2008' festival??

— Adam Bibilo (@Biblops) February 13, 2018

While user @JBwol offered his prayers to anyone attending the festival.

Imagine seeing Fall Out Boy, Sum 41, Papa Roach, The Courteeners, The Wombats and Kings of Leon in the space of 3 short days. Thoughts and prayers to anyone caught up in this.

— JB (@JBwol) February 13, 2018

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Some, however, were excited at the prospect of basking in nostalgia.

My friends are fuming about the Reading lineup but the emo in me is like fall out boy and panic! at the disco, it's time to fully relive 2006

— andy (@gothicdogsclub) February 13, 2018

Bring back 2008

Despite many users criticising the line-up for being dated, many longed for previous Leeds Fest headliners.

In particular the ten year-old 2008 line-up, which featured Metallica and Rage Against the Machine was yearned for.

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Been Leeds Festival 4 times and now the Lineup just makes me feel old, Bring back 2008.

— Joe Peace (@JoePeace92) February 13, 2018

@FormByFirelight singled out 2006 and 2008 as vintage line-ups.

Tiny reminder that 2006 & 2008 knew how to do a Reading & Leeds lineup properly

— Ryan Forbes (@FormByFirelight) February 13, 2018

While droves of festival goers have taken to social media to criticise the initial line-up, one fan seems content with the line-up.

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— 💀Jade💀 (@jadeperrett1) February 13, 2018

Those who are underwhelmed, however, may still have their prayers answered in subsequent announcements