Ratatouille the musical created by TikTok users is going to Broadway - how to watch it

A musical version of Disney film Ratatouille, first conceived by TikTok users, will be getting the full Broadway treatment in a one-off charity performance.

The crowd-created musical will be officially coming to Broadway for a one-off streamed event online on 1 January 2021, and will supposedly star Broadway performers.

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From TikTok to Broadway

The Ratatouille musical has slowly become an internet sensation, ever since 26 year old Emily Jacobsen posted a 16 second video to the social network. Little did she know, her song, inspired by the Disney film, would spark the creative minds of thousands of young and old musicians, techies and choreographers.

Unlike a traditional musical, the Ratatouille musical has no single writer or creator, and will instead be made up of songs and lyrics from a host of artists from the social media app.

The 2007 Disney Pixar film follows Remy the rat and his dream of becoming a chef in Paris. On his journey he makes friends with human chef Linguini, as they try to bring restaurant Gusteau’s back to its glory days.

The TikTok trend saw hundreds of videos posted to the platform with ideas for songs, dance numbers, costume ideas, set designs and scripts, allowing a freely collaborative environment for creatives during a pandemic which has seen theatres across the globe left sitting empty.

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Some Broadway icons even got involved, with actor Kevin Chamberlain posting a song called Anyone Can Cook.

The musical was given the blessing of the original voice of Remy, Patton Oswalt, who welcomed the news of the one off musical special with open arms, promising fans he will be there for the performance.

Although the musical performance will be holding the official name of the movie, Disney has clarified in a statement that the company “does not have development plans for the title.”

Creators of the songs to be used in the musical will be credited and compensated for their use in the performance.

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How to watch and get tickets

The one-off charity concert will be presented by Seaview Productions, and will be streamed on TodayTix on 1 January at 7PM Eastern Time, which is midnight in the UK.

Details of the cast, creative team and production will be released at a later date.

Once the musical has premiered, it will be available to stream for 72 hours. People can get their tickets for the show on the TodayTix website.

Money raised from tickets to the event will go towards The Actors Fund in America.

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