Is this a ghost? Chilling video shows what appears to be a child-like figure stalking a pub waitress

This spooky footage captures a strange presence stalking a pub waitress who is none the wiser - just days before Halloween.

If you can't see the video, watch it here

The eerie CCTV video shows what looks like a small girl in a dress walking behind a waitress as she clears tables at the Lamb and Lion pub in York.

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Assistant manager Lee Smith, 32, was left at a loss to explain it, after the apparent apparition was caught on his camera around 10.30am last Wednesday.

He jumped back in shock after noticing the ghostly figure while checking footage at the popular pub.

There is no proof the episode was the work of a ghost but customers have previously reported paranormal activity including hearing a child crying in the room above.

Mr Smith, who has worked at the pub for four years, claims the footage is unedited and even the most ardent non-believers could be convinced.

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He said: “The camera is close to the bar area and I was round there setting up after breakfast.

"I was checking the CCTV to see where my colleague Molly was as we were cleaning and preparing for the day ahead.

"I saw the outline of what appeared to be a ghost which caused me to jump back shocked, thinking 'what on earth is that?'

"Molly walked past none-the-wiser, so I called her and she came and looked at the footage. She was as startled as I was.

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“She did say she thought I was in the room with her and felt someone behind her. I don't believe in ghosts but that footage is pretty convincing.

“A lot of people are saying it’s the light glaring through the window and someone said it could be cobwebs but there aren’t any.

"It looks like a small girl in a dress. It was very strange, especially with Halloween this weekend. A few other colleagues have reported ghost sightings in the past so maybe it's the building."

The clip has clearly left some viewers shaken including Tasha Cushley-Gee who wrote on Facebook: “Always thought this place was haunted.

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“When I worked as a night porter here at around 2.30/3am all the foot lock doors would shut one by one and would happen once or twice a night.”

Michael Thornton added: “It always intrigues me how entities can walk through solid objects, and yet don’t fall through the floorboards and are able to stand on solid ground.”

Shane Sayner said: “Sounds like the pub should hold an event where people can spend a night there to see if they can see anything.”

Louise Fillingham added: “That's exactly what I saw when I worked at Clifford's Tower. Black shadow with the outline of a human.”

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The Lamb and Lion is made up of two Grade ll Listed buildings.

Number 2 and 2A is understood to be previously a house and shop, dating back to circa 1840, while number 4 was a house that was constructed in 1782 and was formerly the Bootham Bar Hotel.

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