Former Towie star Jess Wright has revealed her hopes are fading for her delayed wedding later this year

The entrepreneur was set to say “I do” to fiancé William Lee-Kemp in June but the pair had to push back their wedding day in Majorca to September due to lockdown restrictions.
This week’s latest lockdown announcement, which was a hammer blow to British brides, is leaving Jess doubtful her big day may still be able to take place.
Instead, Jess is determined to focus on getting herself in peak physical shape so she can conceive a much longed-for baby.
She said: “Postponing the wedding was not easy. If the wedding day does go ahead, I want to know that I have done my best in the circumstances .
“As long as we are healthy, that’s the main thing and hope and pray it does happen in September.
“We try to get excited but then worry it may not happen. But it’s been horrendous.
“We don’t know what we are doing at the minute. We hope and pray. I am going to try to do my hen do in August. It was supposed to be last month but it got cancelled.”

Struggling with psoriasis

Jess has suffered with stress so much this year, she recently revealed she has had a flare up of the skin condition psoriasis.
She added: “Just like every bride when it comes to their wedding, I want to look my best when I walk down the aisle.
“This is a big time in my life. I am settling down and want to have children soon and I feel like my body should be in the best place it should be in. But I have really been struggling with psoriasis.
“It’s important to take care of yourself mentally as well as physically. I’ve coped with the stress with support from my family and fiancé. Exercise is really important for me and keeping a balanced lifestyle."
Jess has just been announced as the new face of Simone Thomas Wellness and takes the renowned Biotin three-step wellness plan and the collagen SkinQuencher products daily in her quest to be in peak health for her wedding and to get baby ready.
She said: “I have been exercising a lot to get baby ready. I’ve been training - I do a lot of HIIT, I use my Peloton bike and add weight training into the mix. It’s important for me to do a bit of everything and mix things up so I don’t get bored.
“I have also been having allergy tests to find out if I have any issues and doing my research to try and help myself inside and out. I’ve also been drinking lots of water.”
With more than 1.4 million followers on social media, the TV star turned entrepreneur has turned her attention to her health for her big day and pregnancy plans.
Jess said: “It’s definitely about staying trim but also looking and feeling healthy. I have always had problems with my nails and have never had the thickest of hair.
“But I’ve noticed such a difference since I’ve started taking the supplements. There have been some amazing changes.
“My nails have started growing for the first time and they are now strong which had never happened before and my hair is now as thick as ever.
“My energy levels have improved so much. I’ve also noticed such a difference since taking the tablets.
“Simone has created a great platform. It’s a one-stop shop and ticks all the boxes for everything a woman around my age needs. I’ve got my boyfriend taking them too.
“As a 35-year-old woman, inner health is so important at this age.  To look good on the outside – things have got to be great within. I’ve never felt better.
“As well as skin and hair, the products are also for gut health and overall wellbeing and the proof is in the pudding. They work really well.
"I've also been following Simone's food plan for a few weeks now and I've noticed my psoriasis has definitely calmed down.
“It’s really helping with my skin issues and I’m getting lots of compliments over my facial skin.
“I have more of a glow and I’m sleeping really well and feeling more hydrated. I feel better mentally and it’s boosted my confidence.”

In the run-up to the wedding

Jess has signed her 15 bridesmaids - including sister-in-law Michelle Keegan, who is married to Jess’s brother Mark who will be master of ceremonies at her wedding - up to take the wellness plan in the run-up to the wedding.
She added: “Who knows what’s around the corner - children or new ventures. I would love to do some kind of honeymoon.”
Simone Thomas, founder of Simone Thomas Wellness, said: “Jessica is your gorgeous, kind and relatable girl next door.
“Inner health is reflected by your outer casing. Jess has been suffering with a flare up again of her from psoriasis due to the stress of wedding and loss of a loved one.
“The stress of such a huge change to our way of life can have a huge effect on our skin, hair and overall wellbeing.”
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