Car and fish pics voted as biggest turn-offs on dating apps

The biggest turn-offs on social media

A dating app that matches people based on music preferences has found that certain profile pictures are extreme turn-offs. POM surveyed 2,000 UK singletons to reveal the top pictures that are turn offs to possible love interests.

The top 5 most most off-putting profile pictures: 

  1. Posing with a car
  2. Fish pics (someone posing with a fish they’ve caught)
  3. Heavily filtered pictures
  4. Taking pictures in the gym
  5. Pouting

You can see the full top 10 list and results here:

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Other profile pictures included pictures covering half of someone's face. Also, pictures in a club or with endangered animals were disliked.

POM launched a fun activation in the centre of London on Monday to celebrate Valentine’s Day for those flying solo.

When looking into specific demographics, 92% of those who found ‘car pictures’ unappealing were women. Furthermore, taking pictures in the gym were also off-putting for women. Over half (56%) of those surveyed agreed that it would reduce the chance of pursuing a relationship with someone.

In comparison, it found that men were particularly deterred by ‘heavily filtered pictures’ being used on social media, with almost three quarters (73%) agreeing it would put them off someone.

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The survey from the dating app comes following the rise in discussions about common “icks” and red flags online. An ‘ick’ being something that’s a turn off when a person has initially a romantic interest in someone and a red flag being a warning sign of undesirable future behaviour.

POM harnesses the ‘Power of Music’, channelling it into an exciting, inclusive app to deliver genuine, meaningful connections based on a shared love of the same music.

Vihan Patel, founder of POM, said: “We were intrigued to find out just how much your profile can influence someone’s opinion of you.

Our aim at POM is to help our users find a match based on something deeper than just a picture. We’ve decided to show singletons that dating is more than just appearances or a bad car this Valentine's Day and can’t wait to show off our extravagant Hummer to all Londoners today!”

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