Bored of pub quizzes? Try these ideas for other games you can play over Zoom

It seems as though nothing could stop Brits from enjoying their pub fix - with virtual quizzes proving a hugely popular lockdown activity.

A few weeks into lockdown, however, you might find yourself growing tired of those specialist rounds, or losing out on tiebreaker questions .

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Luckily, the wonders of technology make it possible to do a whole array of other activities and games over Zoom.


Photo: ShutterstockPhoto: Shutterstock
Photo: Shutterstock

That classic Christmas family favourite can still be played virtually - as long as you concentrate carefully.

To play, you just have to take it in turns to come up with a film, book, play or even person, then act it out to the other players. You can pick on syllables and/or individual words to try to help them along.

If you're feeling stuck for inspiration, this website can help you to generate ideas.

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Help each other become experts in random topics with Zoom's presentation feature.

Though usually used in professional contexts, you could get your friends or family to put together presentations on weird, wonderful and silly topics to entertain everyone in lockdown.

Alternatively, you could each assign each other a topic to research for a couple of days then re-convene to watch the virtual presentation.


(Photo: Shutterstock)(Photo: Shutterstock)
(Photo: Shutterstock)

Missing those hazy nights belting out hits at your local karaoke bar? Luckily you can still treat (or torture) your friends and family with virtual karaoke over Zoom.

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If you also sign up for a platform called Watch2Gether, you can ensure that all Zoom users are watching videos at the same time, keeping any duets in check.

Watch Netflix together

If you fancy something a little less high energy, you could organise a movie night with friends and family using Netflix Party, which allows all users to watch Netflix content at the same time.

There's even a group chat feature, so you can chat (silently) throughout.


Another creative way you can use Netflix Party is to combine it with a game of bingo.

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This works best with familiar or classic films which you know well, as you'll need to put together some bingo cards before it begins.

On the bingo cards, put repeated catchphrases, words or moments that appear several times throughout the film. Each card will need to have these in a different order to make sure it's possible for one player to get a line before any others.

Make sure each player has a version of their bingo card - photographs might be easiest for this - then throughout the film, players will check off words and phrases as they appear.

When one player has checked off an entire line - horizontally or vertically - they shout (or type) "bingo" and become the winner.

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