You make me laugh

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I write in response to Alan Burton’s letter two weeks ago, regarding Andrew Hutchinson’s defection to Labour. He is a correspondent who never ceases to amuse but this time the irony almost had me falling off my chair.

As a member of Mirfield Conservative Party he should know a thing or two about turncoats. Let’s look at the case of their Mayor last year.

First David Pinder was a Labour Councillor down south, then he was an ‘independent’ in Mirfield. Next thing you know he is a card carrying Conservative and the co-opted (un-elected to you and me) Mayor of the most fiercely Tory town in our region.

The thing is I actually agree with Mr Burton’s point about turncoats.

They are not credible. But I wonder if he feels the same way about David Pinder? Or what about the latest local turncoat, Khizar Iqbal? I doubt it because both defections help the his party.

As usual Mr Burton only makes his point in order to attack Labour. It’s tedious.

Michael Adams

Sprinkwell Mill, Dewsbury