Who wants a clutter-free town?

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Having read that they are removing some benches and de-cluttering the town centre, I can only assume that Kirklees plan of turning Dewsbury into an all residential town is in full swing.

How come it is alright to spend £60,000 on removing things that really don’t need to be when just up the road we have a park lake that is empty and needing funding, a further walk across the road and you will see Kirklees neglect in all it’s magnificent glory, the two chapels of the cemetery, which surprise surprise “have no funding available for them”?

Isn’t it about time Dewsbury people were consulted in what lamebrain ideas are to be put in motion. So exactly how many events are there in Dewsbury to justify removing these - Spirit and the Christmas lights?!

Another reason was because of the less desirable people we have in the town. How about for once, just once you, the police and Kirklees concentrate on removing such people from what are claimed to be zero tolerance no alcohol zones, instead of punishing the few people left that will use the benches.

So if you have five alcoholics and 10 seats, they will use them, if you have five alcoholics and five seats they will still use them, only there will be no room for the elderly and disabled, who I would suggest need these benches.

Nobody wants this change and total waste of money when there are other obvious things that it can be spent on, people need places to sit and removing them will stop even more people coming, add into that the lack of any good shops, charges for parking, pick pockets and the less desirables and you soon see why Dewsbury is a run down shell of its former self.

Providence Street