When will our taxes be used at home?

I’m as compassionate as any other person but i cannot, for the life in me, understand the “mindset” of David Cameron and his parliamentary chums. Last year our Government gave nearly £12 Billion in “foreign aid”. Unfortunately, a large proportion went to countries with appalling records for human rights and known reputations for corruption.

I’ve never been against a fair and balanced portiion of my taxes going to help genuine cases but it should go in either goods or to charities on the ground. The UK Government should, at the very least and on our behalf of the British people, demand an audit trail of expenditure which should include schools, hospitals infrastructure projects etc.

The DAC (Development Assistance Committee) is an International body made up of around 28 nations, including the UK. Over many years they’ve given “billions” of Dollars (as the International currency) but still we see worldwide poverty, hunger and conflict on a massive scale.

Last year Pakistan, Bangladesh and Palestine each received over $2 Billion, African nations between them shared over $30 Billion, even Somalia and Zimbabwe, a country transformed from untold wealth to abject poverty within a decade, receives over $1 Billion Dollars from the DAC fund.

Out of the number of countries contributing America gives the most at 31.5 Billion but, Mr Cameron, batting for the “highly generous” UK, just has to be the second largest at nearly 18 Billion Dollars (Approx’ £12 Billion)

David Cameron sent £500 Million to Syria which, I felt under the circumstances was the right decision but where were all the other EU Contributors? We gave more than the entire Countries of Europe put together.

And Mr Cameron is on a roll. In addition to our huge foreign aid commitment our spendthrift coalition Government have pledged, at the recent G20 Summit, to give a multi million pound contribution to a UN fund to help other countries combat climate change.

When will this Government realise the British people need a break? We’ve just endured the worst financial crisis for many years with massive cuts in local government grants. These are planned to continue until at least 2018. We are seeing an unprecedented rise in food banks, children not receiving adequate meals, the crippling “bedroom” tax to name a few problem areas. Our social services are already at breaking point and will find great difficulty sustaining an acceptable service.

These grant reductions are enormous and the British people are sick and tired of seeing our taxes being frittered away like confetti and not even within our own country.

It’s totally undemocratic when oversees commitments take precedence over unacceptable failings at home.

John Sheen

Moor Park Lane