What a lot of bollards!

I HAVE been meaning to write for some time about the recent explosion of bollards, mini roundabouts and the like – not just in Thornhill but also in Mirfield and Dewsbury

I agree entirely with Daniel Peacock’s sentiments (Letterbox, March 18) and although we are well aware of the justification for these measures, it is just not appropriate to continue putting humps, bumps and lumps on what I would call through routes or link roads if you will.

The latest atrocity is two sticking out pavements on the B6122 at Muffitt Lane, Gomersal (still under construction). Whoever thought this was a good idea has simply lost the plot.

Had it been constructed in the (dark) winter months I would have described it as suicidal. As it is it’s just crackers as most vehicle users surely will agree.

For those unfamilar Muffit Lane is a narrow twisting lane with blind bends but a 30mph speed limit.Why do we need to make it more dangerous.


Leeds Road