We’re paying for what we don’t want

A much-loved part of British life for the past 50 years, and the envy of the rest of the world, the national health service, is now becoming very economical with the truth.

In this instance I refer to the Mid-Yorkshire Trust, At the consultation meetings we were bombarded from the platform with statements proclaiming how good it was going to be following the changes and that it was all in our best interests. I cannot understand how a whole series of minuses add up to a plus.

The massive debt that the trust has built up for us (yes it’s our money) comes from the private finance initiative, from the Blair Brown administration,

Over 65 million in rent per year for Pinderfields and Pontefract hospitals. There was no rent for Dewsbury and District Hospital, which had no debt and was doing very well before being taken over by the Mid-Yorkshire Trust. Were the trust a private company it would have been declared bankrupt long ago.

It seems very nice of the north Kirklees Clinical Commissioning Group to give the trust 1.3 million of our money to help finance the changes nobody wants. This is part of the 38 million required.

The Clinical Commissioning Group should concentrate more on patients and transport difficulties, not come out with the remark that the wider community was expected to take over.

For example, a rather charming mature lady of our acquaintance who lives alone in a flat (part of small complex in Heckmondwike), received a letter from the hospital with an appointment to see a doctor at 9 in the morning at Pontefract Hospital. She has no idea how she is supposed to get there, Dewsbury hospital is only a short distance from where she lives.

This is not by no means an isolated case. Could the board and the Clinical Commissioning Group please think about putting patients first. I do hope that the joint scrutiny committee refers the matter to Jeremy Hunt. hopefully to achieve the same outcome as at Lewisham hospital.

David Lawn

Huddersfield Road