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I WAS fortunate enough to read in your paper about the hastily arranged consultation meeting to discuss the Local Development Framework and the lasting impact it will have on Dewsbury East and Chidswell in particular.

Unfortunately, compared to other meetings in surrounding wards, this one was very poorly attended, which is no surprise given that local residents hadn’t been given notice of this important gathering unless they read the small article in your newspaper, or were one of the few people who received a flyer the day prior to your publication date and only two days before the meeting itself.

When Coun Kane was quizzed at the meeting as to why notice of the event had been left to the last minute, his excuse was to blame a recent illness which had prevented him from delivering the notice leaflets. I just wondered what councillors Scott and Firth had been doing whilst Mr Kane was ill?

At the meeting a couple of residents approached me, both indicating that whilst the three councillors had been unable to deliver the important LDF meeting leaflet in good time, they and their supporters were more than capable of delivering thousands of Labour Community Matters flyers to households right across the Dewsbury East area.

In all fairness though, I do have to pay credit to councillors’ Scott and Kane. At least they felt it was important enough to turn up and speak to the residents.

The deputy mayor, Coun Eric Firth, didn’t grace us with his presence, as he was away on deputy mayoral duties’ confirmed by Coun Kane. Perhaps the future development of the area, he as an elected member hopes to continue representing, is of such unimportance to him.

Clearly residents of Dewsbury East shouldn’t expect to see Coun Firth very often if he is appointed mayor after the election.

That Saturday meeting has clearly demonstrated that the so-called consultation has been a complete and utter shambles and as a concerned resident of Dewsbury East and council election candidate, I now call on Kirklees Council to extend the consultation period until we can have a properly arranged meeting, with more notice and a greater opportunity for a larger number of local residents to debate this important issue.

If Coun Kane is struggling to deliver leaflets notifying local residents, I and a number of people I spoke to at the meeting are more than willing to offer our help.


Conservative Council Candidate

Moor Park Lane