We feel so let down

I AM a paramedic working in Leeds for the Yorkshire Ambulance Service - an NHS Trust.

This is a job I have been proud to do for over 20 years but never have I felt more unappreciated and geuinely hard done by than under the current Con-Dem government.

The current Government want to reduce my pension, make me pay more and work until I’m 68 - whilst doing a very manual and stressful job! Now, after freezing my pay for two years and capping it for a further two, they now want to introduce regional pay so I will also be ‘punished’ for where I live and who I serve.Surely everyone who does the same job should be paid the same? We are just as busy in Leeds city centre as our colleagues in London – already working in excess of 12 hours with little or no rest.

I have always loved being a servant of the NHS but this is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain. All ambulance staff and NHS workers ask for is a decent living wage to enable us to continue to serve the public in a meaningful way.


Wakefield Road