United we will stand

I am sure that all of us who are extremely concerned about the possible effects of the Local Development Framework, on what was called the Windsor Site, in the Chidswell area, at the time of the attempt by Budge to make this beautiful green belt area an opencast coal mine.

The current effects would be even worse because they would be permanent.

There is no doubt that, for whatever reason, the majority of residents were unaware of the Saturday morning meeting or the attendance would have been much greater. Your letter from Mr K Williams expresses the concerns and fears of hundreds of residents and many more who live further afield, as was clearly shown by the huge attendance’ at the previous public meetings regarding open casting.

The letter from Mr Mark Eastwood, whilst correct in substance, seems also to be political in nature by his attack on Coun Paul Kane, who was obviously unwell at the meeting and the community would be aided far more if all the concerned politicians were to band together, as they did regarding the proposed opencast affair, which resulted in our meeting at No.10 Downing Street and a satisfactory conclusion for the whole community. I have written to both Simon Reevell MP and Mike Wood MP, as I am sure many others have, to ensure they are aware of the situation, and they are both keeping in touch.


Leeds Road