Town team is getting things going

Following the latest meeting of the Town Team at Dewsbury Town Hall on January 18 2011, I think it is clear that there is an abundance of enthusiasm, motivation and determination to turn Dewsbury around. Far from numbers falling, the turn out at this meeting was the largest yet. Most importantly, things ARE happening.

There are two ‘bricks and mortar schemes’ that are close to commencement, as all the preparation has already been done. They are both due to go through the formal planning application phase in the next few months.

The first, Dewsbury Domes, will result in the redevelopment of a run-down part of Dewsbury Moor, bringing much-needed and sustainable jobs to the town.

The domes will also bring visitors to the area, who will benefit the local economy, as will the second scheme, the South Dewsbury Sports venue, which will see the cleaning up of a large area of contaminated ground and the creation of sports pitches and changing facilities that will benefit not only local people, but allow teams to visit from around the region, bringing supporters with them who will see what Dewsbury has to offer.

The Town Team is fully behind the two schemes, for which funding is already available and is keen to see them gain planning permission, so spades can go into the ground quickly. We urge our councillors to support the schemes and to help get them through the planning stage.

The ‘events’ part of the Town Team’s activities is going to be vitally important in bringing visitors to the town and shouldn’t be underestimated.

There are several events that have passed planning and dates have been fixed, including Dewsbury on sea, the Spirit event and a beer and chilli festival.

Other events are being planned, including a major bike race, Scarecrow Saturday, vintage vehicle and military rallies – the list is growing.

These events are helping to give our town a unique selling point that will differentiate it from any other one in the area and will bring visitors and families here from all over the region, benefitting our economy and stimulating investment in the town.

Shops will open up to take advantage and employment will follow.

Dewsbury has a history of reinventing itself, once being the world’s shoddy capital and more recently a major bed and carpet manufacturing and centre. Perhaps in the future Dewsbury will be known as “the town where there’s always something interesting going on”, a magnet for people who want a day out and to combine it with shopping.


Dewsbury TOWN TEAM