Town has the drive to succeed

A GREAT deal of effort and commitment is being put into Dewsbury’s regeneration through the formation of a Town Team, and suggested projects would seem to have both the drive and enthusiasm to begin making the differences to the town that need to happen.

In the meantime, Dewsbury Arts Group has completed the extension to its premises at Lower Peel Street, off Bradford Road, aimed at creating an ‘artspace’ for Dewsbury. The group’s own activities – stage productions, youth theatre, drawing sessions, art discussions, art exhibitions, and other arts based activities – can now be extended, but also working spaces could be available for use by other arts-based organisations.

The £150,000 necessary for this building project has been raised by the group itself, together with grand aid from Biffaward, Dewsbury Town and Valley Committee and Garfield Weston Foundation. The enthusiasm and determination involved is another indication of the drive and commitment that exists in Dewsbury.


Chairman of Dewsbury Arts Group