The care was simply first class

There has been considerable criticism in recent weeks of hospitals in the West Yorkshire area, the LGI and St James at Leeds, Pinderfields, Pontefract and Dewsbury and District Hospital.

However, I would like to say well done and give a pat on the back to LGI and Dewsbury and District hospitals.

Three weeks ago I suffered a heart attack at just turned midnight.

Within 10 minutes an ambulance was at my door and by 1am I was in the operating theatre at the LGI. At midday, I was advised that I was then to be transferred for my recovery period to Pinderfields Hospital, only to learn there were no spare beds and I was re-directed to Dewsbury and District and found myself in the high dependency cardiac unit where I remained for five days before being allowed home.

For the 10 hours or so at the LGI and the five days at Dewsbury, I saw and experienced the very best of the NHS.

At Dewsbury I saw compassion and care on the ward of the highest standard. I cannot speak too highly of my care at the Dewsbury and District Hospital.

I did not get to know all the staff but Sarah, Jane, Nicola (who must now be close to the time to have her baby), Alan and young Luke and all the others were fantastic. The food was excellent and if it is possible to say one can enjoy one’s stay in hospital, I did.

Just before my discharge, I learned there were moves afoot to transfer this cardiac ward to Pinderfields Hospital in Wakefield. In no circumstances, should this be allowed and the public of Dewsbury must oppose this proposal most strongly.

If there is a need for a similar facility at Pinderfields, then by all means put one there but do not rob Peter to pay Paul.

I have written to the local MP urging him to do all he can to stop this proposal.

Well done to all at Dewsbury hospital, keep up the good work.


Flanshaw Avenue