Speaking up for care

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I FEEL it is time that someone said something good about private sector care providers.

I must speak out in their defence.

Over the last 18 months or so my dad was lucky to have received care from the service provider Sevacare.

At first dad’s care requirements were not as acute as they became because of the nature of his debilitating illness.

However, as the deterioration continued Sevacare was always willing to step up their level of care to meet his condition.

Sevacare’s care was outstanding and unstinting, they looked after him to the highest possible standard and gave him the emotional and physical care that was needed which actually enhanced his quality of life.

Most importantly, in the latter stage of his illness it enabled him to end his days within his own home which was his dearest wish.

As a family we cannot ever thank or praise Sevacare sufficiently – they were all marvellous – which is more than can be said for the care he received at the hands of Dewsbury and District Hospital during an eight week stay.


Headfield Road