Sick of being dictated to by idiots

I am absolutely fed up with being dictated to by the idiots who are supposed to be in charge of our local hospitals.

The ones who should have their salaries cut are these people who just ignore ordinary people who don’t agree with their decisions.

Why should we have to travel out of the district?

Everyone knows how much easier it should be for someone who hasn’t any transport to get a bus to Huddersfield. I was in Pontefract Hospital and if my family didn’t have their own transport, I wouldn’t have been able to have clean clothes and had my dirty washing taken.

The truth of the matter is too much was spent on the two hospitals in question and we are having to suffer for it. You don’t need a hospital to look like an airport arrivals when even those who work there don’t seen able to direct you to correct place you need to be.

Mrs M Gittos

Wellhouse Lane