Respect has to be earned

Another year of promises about the plans for Dewsbury, ideas put forward, tremendous efforts to lift the spirit of the town which I whole heartily support.

My fears sadly have been confirmed that I shall never see Dewsbury returned to its former days of a well cared for town centre that gave me great pride in the place of my birth. Congratulations to Kirklees Council in its continuing drive to make sure Huddersfield is the only place of regeneration and to hell with anybody else.

I shall repeat again when are the first bricks going to be laid? It appears not in my lifetime.

I cannot see me lasting 25 years that has been quoted as the possible timeframe before changes and improvements are implemented.

As long as Dewsbury is ruled by Kirklees Council we shall have to fight every inch of the way for years to come. With this thought in mind it is not just bricks and mortar that should be our aim now but the building of a community within this great town of people who can lead by example.

I do not mean by material things but things that are true to the human spirit, starting by caring for others, sharing in respect for each other. Respect costs nothing and no council or government can ever tax or take this away from people who care. We should seek to build a town that no longer rides on the back of bad media publicity consign this to past where it belongs.

If we can achieve a place of belonging and people are pround to call Dewsbury their home I believe this town can rise again and material wealth will follow.

We are only here once, let’s be remembered for the right reasons.


Shaw Cross