Remembrance Parade was our greatest day

Awesome, brilliant, fantastic - they were just some of the words said to me when people summed up this year’s parade and service of Remembrance held in Mirfield on Sunday afternoon.

Ten months of planning an preparation passed off so quickly and was captured on hundreds of mobile phones and cameras throughout the parade and service.

The turn out as we expected was the largest in living memory. Good weather is always a key factor on the day. The efforts of all organisations who turn up each year and indeed family, friends and members of the public who support Mirfield’s Act of Remembrance.

Each year we try to put into play different elements. This year serving army officer WO2 Chris Horrobin, 5th Regt Royal Artillery, the Yorkshire Gunners, was asked to read the dedication at the War Memorial at Ings Grove Park, which he did with pride.

On the march back to our dismissal point in Lowlands Road, the first column fell out and lined Station Road and Lowlands Road and applauded our next generation through bright eyes and beaming smiles, which made it all worthwhile.

We thank you all, from the people who swept up the leaves in Ings Grove Park to the people who picked up the pieces of kit afterwards.

It was our greatest day, and you people from Mirfield and further afield did the occasion so proud. Thank you.

Next year will be even more poignant.

Tim Wood

Parades Officer