Record total for Poppy Appeal

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On behalf of the Mirfield branch of the Royal British Legion, can I say a very big thank you to everyone who contributed towards this year’s Poppy Appeal.

Last year’s total for the Mirfield area was £13,098, which was an all time record. This year we tried to raise the bar and raise even more money. Yes we’ve done it again, but only just. Thanks to a lot of hard work from some very thoughtful and dedicated people we raised £13,136.

The collection around the cenotaph in Ings Grove Park on Remembrance Sunday by the local Guides raised £1,000, which was absolutely amazing. The Air Cadets from 868 SDN ATC did a street collection which raised just short of £500, good job done on a cold day. A local ladies’ group knitted poppies which they donated and sold - this raise an estimated £1,000.

What knocked us sideways was the donation of £40 from two little girls, Olivia and Harriet, who made their own poppies and sold them to family and friends. What a wonderful gesture it was from the youth of today,

Many thanks also go to the management and staff of the Yorkshire Co-op in Mirfield who let us use the foyer of the store to set up our Poppy stall for a week. They are always very cheery and make us feel welcome,

Everyone who volunteered this year played a big part in breaking another record. You all did the appeal so proud.

Some people have said to me over the years ‘I won’t be wearing a Poppy, I think it glorifies war’, others often boycott our fundrasiing activities. May I say this, the Poppy is a symbol of remembrance and reconciliation. You have every right not to wear one, we live in a democracy that gives you that very rights and privilege often paid for by the ultimate sacrifice. A the end of most Royal British Legion events we often recite the Kohima Epitaph “When you go home, tell them of us, and say for your tomorrow’s we gave our today.”

Thanks once again to everyone who contributed to the appear, I can promise you that not a single penny of it will be wasted.
Tim Wood

Poppy Appeal Organiser

Mirfield RBL