Put town before party

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IN response to the letter from Coun James Taylor, (Stand up for our town, Reporter, December 29) I would say this was typical of the local Conservative party.

There is a Tory government, a Tory MP, three Tory ward councillors and 16 Tory town councillors in Mirfield. That’s 20 Tories in Mirfield backed up by their party in government. Yet whenever anything happens in Mirfield, it’s all the fault of the big bad Labour party! Pull the other one. If 20 of you can’t stop them then why do we bother voting for you every year?

The Conservative government is hell-bent on relaxing planning laws, making it almost impossible for any local council to stop developers building on green fields or anywhere else. Labour did the same when they were in and now the Tories are making it much worse!

Instead of standing up for Mirfield all the Tories want to do is make personal attacks on people in the Labour party, even when they are well respected schools campaigners like Karen Rowling, who had the courage to fight EVERY party on behalf of Mirfield.

Maybe this is why with her as candidate the vote for Labour doubled in the last election. People are tired of personal attacks, the blame game and one party attacking another. It’s boring!


Wellhouse Ave