Pennies have added up for poppies

IT is my pleasure to announce the result of this year’s Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal for the Mirfield area and to thank everyone involved.

This year’s appeal to the Mirfield RBL Branch was a monumental task as our membership is woefully depleted and personal circumstances affected the number of helpers on hand to see the job through. Never-the-less a record number of boxes was delivered, collected an counted.

Many thanks to the Yorkshire Co-op for allowing us to set up stall in the entrance to the Mirfield town centre shop, that is always a much appreciated boost to our appeal as well as being a visible presence. A big thank you goes out to all those who put in extra hours this year manning the stall at the Co-op. Also a very big thank you to all those shops, offices, pubs, clubs, schools and factories who were kind enough to take a collection ‘tin’ from us. And all the members of the public who gave so much.

Thanks to the very kind people from the Easthorpe gallery who crocheted poppies and sold them generating more funds and to Cafe Nosh in Mirfield, who made and sold poppies made from ribbon.

Mirfield RBL branch member and former PARA Mick Webber is undertaking a 300 ft bungee jump - at the age of 60 he has got to be mad! But that’s the sort of gesture that comes to the fore on these military charity fundraising events.

One incident made me smile. At the Co-op poppy stall an elderly lady accompanied by her daughter approached the stall, opened her purse and fumbled for change to buy a poppy. Her daughter stepped forward and handed her mother a pound coin. The elderly lady turned smartly away from her daughter, placed the pound coin in her purse and paid for two poppies with a 20 pence piece of her own! So she was 80p better off and we were 20p better off. A Yorkshire win-win situation. The only person who could pull off such a piece of slight of hand magic and make me laugh was Tommy Cooper!

Thanks once again for your generosity, you have raised almost £13,000 in Mirfield for this year’s appeal and there’s more still trickling in.

Happy New Year


Mirfield branch of the Royal
British Legion

Dunbottle Lane