New community centre must benefit youth

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I was interested to read of the developments at the Gilder Hall site in Mirfield.

If the community centre saves the land from housing development it is to be welcomed.

However, as I understand it, the land and former building was left in trust for the youth of Mirfield by the late Annie Robinson, who set up the Gilder Hall Boys Club in 1897.

lf the Save Mirfield group is unsuccessful in its efforts to thwart the Balderstone Hall development and that at Kitson Hill, the town will be looking at well in excess of 140 new houses. These will doubtless be occupied by families with children.

According to the Mirfield Reporter, budget cuts by Kirklees Council are resulting in the withdrawal of cash from local area committees, therefore jeopardising future community projects.

While new community buildings will be of benefit to local residents of all ages, I was wondering if the Mirfield Community Trust could demonstrate how the Gilder Hall facilities will benefit the youth of the town, as they were originally designed to do by their benefactor Annie Robinson.

J Yelland

Park Avenue