Motorists are the problem

May I reply to recent letters from Messrs Goodfellow and Bodell?

These proposals are well thought-out and have due consideration to impact on the environment.

The “brown” site does indeed consist of the sites of Shaw Cross and Savile collieries plus some of the reclaimed tipping area.

It has no visual impact on Bywell or Leeds Roads.

Has Mr Goodfellow actually seen the draft proposals?

I suspect Mr Bodell has not, for it is certainly not in his back yard.

There is no traffic access onto Leeds Road. Access is onto Owl Lane and nearer Ossett than the present stadium access. Clearly, for traffic to use Leeds Road would not necessarily be the best option.

The southern access would utilise the existing Savile Colliery entrance off Wakefield Road.

I sympathise greatly with Mr Goodfellow and the traffic on Leeds Road, but the lifestyle of our society is road transport-depende nt and we are all part of the problem, even Mr Bodell.

The West Yorkshire road network is an absolute disgrace, but how many of us exacerbate the situation by parking on the road?

Many motorists could park elsewhere. Some claim their gateways are too narrow when it is hardly rocket science to have them widened.

I suggest the traffic problem is minimal, and I urge the community, our councillors and our MP to totally support.

Peter Wood,

Smithy Brook Lane