Mirfield Station improvements should not be a political football

I am writing in response to Michael Hutchinson’s letter.

Having attended the recent Grand Central meeting I take exception to his letter which is blatantly a political statement. When he himself stated at the meeting that this would not be a political football.

We in Mirfield want what is best for Mirfield no matter what our political stance. He states “that there is plenty of railway land to secure disabled access”, however, this land is not necessarily adjacent to the platforms. He also states” that there is a crying need for improvements at the Railway Station”. We all hope that Network Rail will help us to achieve our ends.

In his final paragraph he says “ he regrets the Conservative Councillors Press statements merely seek to gather any credit to themselves and so reject my offer of joint working for the interests of Mirfield”, which I find amusing given his alleged non-political stance and 13 years of Labour doing nothing for Mirfield.

Bankfield Court


Barbara Harrison