Local authorities are past their sell by date

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I have long thought that the experiment with metropolitan authorities was past its sell by date.

They are all desperately expensive to run, massively over manned and the executive class within the structure are grossly overpaid with wonderful pension pots to retire to – all paid for by you through eneral taxation and of course Council Tax and any other charges they can impose.

Previously we had local councils which were made up of local people who lived here and had the interests of the area at heart.

Now we have the scourge of the professional management class, common throughout our public services who show complete incompetence, but who are expert in protecting themselves and their salaries and pensions while sweeping problems under the carpet.

What brought this to my attention again was the small issue of the public toilets in Mirfield.

According to the papers Mirfield Town Council are alleged to owe Kirklees MC £ 4,521.52 of which £ 1,663.20 is for business rates. Magnanimously the business rate costs may be waived if the Town Council can demonstrate eligibility for small business relief for the toilets.

Ignoring all the obvious puns I must ask what lunatic within KMC thought that business rates should apply to a free toilet? The very idea is an oxymoron. To escape from this idiotic situation someone on the Town Council is required to spend time filling out forms and producing a case for exemption.

Someone with half a brain would surely see that this is crazy and just waive this part of the charge – but no of course not, somehow money must be collected from somewhere to pay all these executive salaries. No doubt the same charade is being enacted in Batley and any other local town where there are public toilets under threat of closure.

Truly, I weep for my country – is there no hope left?

Tim Conolly

Primrose Lane